2008 to 2013: A Retrospective

by Marco Polio

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A smattering of songs from a bunch of different releases. A sampler platter of sorts. This is by no means completely comprehensive, some releases are completely overlooked by this collection. But if all of your friends keep telling you that you have to start listening to Marco Polio and you're not sure where to start, this collection should hopefully give you some insight.


released February 8, 2014

These recordings feature the talents of Matt Hall, Sara Cilantro, Sam Egan, Peter House, Shannon Stott, and Chris Ostuni.



all rights reserved


Marco Polio Plattsburgh, New York

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Track Name: Bus Song #1
Today is my day to get shitfaced.
I have every right to.
I don't really get drunk all that often, but today I told her I was going to.
And I made my way downtown, rum for breakfast and ashes for a house.
Gossiping strangers on the bus, men on the street corner shouting about Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ, could you all shut up for just a minute?
It's hard to get my head on straight with so many voices in it.
Track Name: Level The Devil
"What's wrong with you?
Even your good times are bad times
and your great times are 'just okay'
don't you know how to have fun?"
What's wrong with me?
There are no clean bodies of water amongst the rivers and seas
and I am not comfortable where I stand, here on stolen land
It's not that I am upset all of the time
there's just a lot on my mind
And it's not that I want to drown myself
in confusion, depression, anger or doubt
I'm simply trying to figure out
how to live life and level the devil
level the devil
level the devil
Track Name: Winter Crush Song #3
I think about you all the time now, smell you on my hands, taste you on my face and lips.
And we go home to our lovers, they're none the wiser because we're full of shit.
And she thinks she looks like Audrey Hepburn, I'd say she looks more like Shelley Duvall.
And there's something evil rising in the bodies of two hungry people who can't avoid the fall.
We want it all.
Let's bake a cake and eat it too.

This can't go on forever. You make that clear to me every time we kiss.
But I still want you like a cancer, want you to fill my mouth all up with words and lies and songs and spit.
But I don't want to kiss if it's going to be like this, we're sinking ships. Let's cut the shit, if things are gonna be, they're gonna be, they're gonna be.
Track Name: Bus Song #3
The motor bucks and coughs up Salina, most of the snow is brown or grey.
Big brick buildings, trees evenly spaced.
What used to grow wild here is reduced to a garnish, there are no roots in concrete, nothing to harm us.

Back on the bus, you lean over and catch your breath.
You're safe now, you're safe now, now.
Now didn't I tell you before?
Don't stand in front of the door.
Can't you see what all of those warning signs are for?

Your body on the pavement black and blue.
Red, brown and yellow too.
Your body on the pavement dead and cold, when she met you you were one day old.
Track Name: Paranoia Song #1
How do you spend your hours between the twenty four hours I get to see every three weeks?
Every three weeks, I see you for day. And it's okay, but sometimes it's hard.
Sometimes it gets hard.

Wake up, wake up. Make a small meal.
Smoke a bowl, sit around and feel cold. I haven't been eating lately, I can't remember to drink water.
Sometimes I still look outside and try to make sense of the slaughter.
I ignore phone calls, ignore my body when it's screaming at me.
Feed the cats, try to work on feeling happy.
Track Name: Blood and Bone
Can't we be animals just one night?
I wanna know you blood and bone.
Take a few hours just to hold me in the cold.

Mama Bear, I am coming home. I put my hands where they shouldn't go.
And I'll be he thought he was the last to know.
Blood and bone, blood and bone.

Sleeping narrow, sucking out the marrow, make me feel like a poison arrow.
I thought that we were on the straight and narrow, but it wasn't so.

You don't need to put yourself inside me, just stay near me till the devils subside.
We just needed some way to feel in touch with anything- give each other warmth, see what the morning brings besides blood and bone, blood and bone.

Blood and bones, tears and moans, things we both agreed we couldn't handle on our own.
Tall grass, late summer. It looks like the fates, they finally pulled our numbers.
We're all blood and bone, blood and bone.
Track Name: Bus Song #7
Saw the body of a bird today, he was face down, it was "gagging day".
"A-Shack", "Brick Town".
They ripped all the payphones out, there's only room for cellphones now.
Don't forget it when you leave the house.

There are devils all inside your head, you got onto the bus, had an outburst again.
Bullet holes in the window of the bus, do your best to keep quiet, keep out of a fuss, you got onto the bus, had an outburst again, you got onto the bus, had an outburst again.

And when you're thinking about saving the world, is it for yourself or for somebody else?
And when you're talking about saving the world, is it from yourself or from somebody else?
Is it from yourself or from somebody else?
I got onto the bus, had an outburst again.
I got onto the bus, had an outburst again.
Track Name: Winter Crush Song
Rock salt keeps the windows frosted, and there was something there, but now I've gone and lost it.
Two weeks, trade up for warmer weather, and the whole world breaks once I read your letter.
They say tomorrow the rain is gonna freeze, but where you are it's still fifty degrees.
And there's trouble on my brain again: poor choices, new life, we're all living in sin.
We toe the line between commitment and desire, and if I said I didn't want to cross, I'd be a liar.
Storm clouds gather where you are, states away, but your memory's never far.
And I want you so bad, but that doesn't change anything.

If you really like me, we won't have to fuck.
We can do some talking, we can treat each other kindly.
Everyone you love melts away when you turn the heat up, but there's a cool love too.
There's a cool love too.
Track Name: Saint Song #1
You're mostly sleeping in your car.
You've got ideas you never take too far.
Lately you've been experimenting with water colors, you think they look real nice.
Another sordid affair, maybe take another inch off of your hair.
And you wish he never left you there, with the house, and the kids and the piles of shit that just drive you insane.
And all God's love came down on you today.
For the Lord giveth, and taketh away.

Thinking about trying school for the fourth time now.
But the piles of debt, they kinda weigh you down.
And your car is shitting out again, and the pain in your temples isn't going away.
And it'll be winter soon, so you put up plastic on the windows in your room, lay down, and think all about how nothing is ever the same anymore.
Not since all God's love came down on you today.
For the Lord giveth, and taketh away.
Track Name: Breeze Song
Why do you fight like your mother?
Why do you say one thing, then do another?
Why do you quit drinking every other week?
Why did you fall out of love with me?
Why did you bring me here?
Why did you tell me this?
Why didn't you tell me that other thing?
Were you afraid that I'd be pissed?

There's a cool and gentle breeze, and I am out here in the grass, just letting more time pass.

Headed back home for the night, figured the change of scenery would do me right.
I sat and watched cable TV. What the hell is wrong with me?

I know I can't control nature. I know there is something waiting for me up there in the trees.
Only take the fruit that gives easy, try to never take more than you need, and there's a cool and gentle breeze, and I am out here in the grass, just letting more time pass.
Track Name: Paranoia Song #2
You look real cute in the picture that you send me.
You damn near break my heart with the pictures that you send me, and then I think of a time from a long time ago, and then I get all misty eyed and then it's time to go.
I'm hitting rough times, you know.
Then the wind picks up and it's really time to go.

Been gone a while, bet you're getting real far.
Your hair has gotten longer, and lately the stars seem to spell out messages about where you've been, but I've been feeling weird, can't tell who's really my friend.
Disaster is just around the bend, I'll try to take it easy till then.

And I suspect everyone of everything, and I'm getting pretty good with the knife.
And I suspect that this could finally be the tide to pull me under.
Track Name: Paranoia Song #3
There's a car going by.
There's another car going by.
There's a car going by.
I convince myself each time that it's gonna carry you to me.
It's gonna carry you to me.
It's gonna doom me.
Can't convince myself this time that the situation is fine.
There's a warm wind blowing in and I don't quite know where you've been.
The sound of tires rises up.
My lip tremble on the cup of cold water.
I'm in a cold sweat.
Hot summer, vicious sex.
There's a car going by.
Track Name: Saint Song #3
I am the thief in the night, I am the feeling that something's not right.
I am winter air, stealing breath. I am the freezing moon, I am creeping death.
I will take away everything that you love. I will take away everyone that you love.

Saturday brings thoughts of Monday, you've got so much work to do.
You've got so many little problems, I will take care of a few.
You saw me once before, told you not to open that door. Saw me on the bed, saw your greatest fears all spread...

I will take away everything that you love, I will take away everyone that you love.
Track Name: Sing (or, New Sounds)
Behind locked doors I am giving you away.
I am feeling fine, I'm doing great.
And there are so many things that you think I should say.
Well, I won't say them.

Night came creeping in.
I couldn't tell one hour from the last, and that was fine.
But then your laughter fucking broke my mind in half.
I fell down to my knees, tore my clothes, cried aloud and said, "naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return there. God has given and God has taken away, blessed be God's name."

I will receive what was promised, and I will celebrate with song and feasting.
I will receive what was promised, and I will sing all night, I won't sleep at all.
Track Name: White Squirrels
Those dark, dark places you tried not go back to
you went back to them as soon as the sun came up

It's hard to place a reason for the shaking in your hands
and your chest, and your head and every-fucking-where else

And if you think that this is as bad as it gets, just wait
you'll reach new depths you didn't know could exist

And I know there's a real fine line between hilarity and tragedy
but could you wipe that fucking smile off your lips?

And I wonder if self abuse is my muse, like do I let things fall down just build something new with every intention to just sweep it away as soon as it becomes a place that I could live?

And now you're down but you're not that far down, one could say that you've both got some room to grow.
And I am here just trying to find some solid ground among the white squirrels and the snow and the winter and the deafening howl of the street sweepers when they come...