2010 Tour Split

by Marco Polio

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This hastily recorded set of songs was one third of a split CD-R with Sarah Mundy and Sean Godreau, produced in celebration of Disastour 2010.


released May 1, 2010




Marco Polio Plattsburgh, New York

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Track Name: Winter Crush Song #3
I think about you all the time now, smell you on my hands, taste you on my face and lips.
And we go home to our lovers, they're none the wiser because we're full of shit.
And she thinks she looks like Audrey Hepburn, I'd say she looks more like Shelley Duvall.
And there's something evil rising in the bodies of two hungry people who can't avoid the fall.
We want it all.
Let's bake a cake and eat it too.

This can't go on forever. You make that clear to me every time we kiss.
But I still want you like a cancer, want you to fill my mouth all up with words and lies and songs and spit.
But I don't want to kiss if it's going to be like this, we're sinking ships. Let's cut the shit, if things are gonna be, they're gonna be, they're gonna be.
Track Name: Winter Crush Song #2
Frost is setting in, your body is seeking warmth.
And the cats you see are stray, but never wild anymore.
Your fingers on my neck, your fingers on my chest.
Your fingers on my face and chest and neck and back, oh.

And if we cross that line, there will be no chance of going back.
There will be no turning back the clock on things we've done.
You shouldn't have to do anything in secrecy for love.
No, no, no. Not unless you really want to hurt someone.
Track Name: River Song #2
The last of the leaves fell down today, taking all civility as they went away.
Branches playing pick-up sticks against the sky, you started to cry.
And I asked you if you'd maybe like to talk, you didn't think you would.
We saw four seasons, but when the fifth one came they didn't do us any good.

But the river will not wash us both away, we're going to have to go and face another day.
A little bit further from where we'd like to be, cold wind bearing down on me.

Will you push me around a little bit?
Will place your mouth over my mouth and spit?
Will you tell me that you hate me?
Will you lay me to rest?
Because the rest of my days are numbered as such: one for betrayal and one for forgiveness.
And right now it's up to you my dear, but I don't think you want to witness when the river comes and washes me away.
I'll be around, but not in the same way.
Much much further from where I'd like to be, cold water bearing down on me.