Intricacies & Inevitabilities

by Marco Polio

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released January 10, 2012

On this release Marco Polio is:
Matt Hall: Words, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, keys

Recorded in early January 2012 in my apartment in downtown Plattsburgh.




Marco Polio Plattsburgh, New York

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Track Name: I and I
Oh, that's supposed to reassure me.
Oh, that's supposed to let me know you care.
And we just talked about how things would be so much better now.
We invested in a life and now living is the only thing left.

"Oh", that's the sound that they made at the coffee shop after asking how my New Year's Eve went.
All I could respond with was a tired sound, and the look on my face filled in all the rest.

And I've been fucked over before, but never quite like this. Like the people you hold closest seem to forget that you exist. Sometimes you're reminded that you don't control anything beyond yourself and so you say, "I and I survive".

I and I survive.
I and I survive.
I and I survive.
I and I survive.
Track Name: Colors Song
I saw colors that you would have loved to have seen: subtle yellows, unfathomable greens.
I saw nature rear it's honest head through the rising of the numbers of the dying and dead.

Clutching your phone while you're crying in your car, clutching your phone while you pick yourself up from the sidewalk.
There is something wrong, but you can't say what.
There is a certain something wrong but you can't say what, and there's a certain feeling in your stomach and there's a certain aching all over your jaw.
And there is something sick where you used to find comfort, and there is something new and something all too familiar.

When the oxygen hits, it's red, brilliant red.
Don't let it go to your head.
Track Name: Down the Line
There are places that we are yet to touch upon, and there are things that we are yet to see.
But there are paths that we can take to find the things that we could make, and they'll find us one step further down the line.

We've done some things that we just cannot take back.
We've passed them all around for all to see.
But one year ago today, he was probably in the same place, so friend, just let that caution be.

Champagne Saturday turns into champagne Sunday, champagne Sunday turns into Sunday rest.
And then when we awake there will be consequences to take, but who can blame to lovers for trying to live free?
Free to go one step further down the line.
Free to go one step further down the line.
Yeah, we'll go one step further down the line.
He'll find us one step further down the line.
Track Name: River Song #5
Don't wait up for me, you know exactly where I'm going to be.
I'm going down to the river to set things right.

It took a long time to get here, took a long time to know that my feelings were right.
I did a lot of reading that probably put me on some watch lists, but if it comes down to it I am ready for a fight.
I packed up my backpack, put on my inconspicuous suit.
I know you're wondering why the fire burns the way it does, but I have only one thing to say to you:
Don't wait up for me, you know exactly where I'm going to be.
I'm going down to the river to set things right.

If there's such thing as a victimless crime, then tell me why oh why I feel the way I do.
Had to lose everything that I thought that I wanted to see the beauty of the water rushing through.
And if you... if you'd like to come along, I understand, I understand now better than ever.
But then again, if not, then don't wait up for me.
You know exactly where I'm going to be.
I am going down, down to the river to set things right.
Track Name: White Squirrels
Those dark, dark places you tried not go back to
you went back to them as soon as the sun came up

It's hard to place a reason for the shaking in your hands
and your chest, and your head and every-fucking-where else

And if you think that this is as bad as it gets, just wait
you'll reach new depths you didn't know could exist

And I know there's a real fine line between hilarity and tragedy
but could you wipe that fucking smile off your lips?

And I wonder if self abuse is my muse, like do I let things fall down just build something new with every intention to just sweep it away as soon as it becomes a place that I could live?

And now you're down but you're not that far down, one could say that you've both got some room to grow.
And I am here just trying to find some solid ground among the white squirrels and the snow and the winter and the deafening howl of the street sweepers when they come...