Songs of Loving and Leaving or, a Poetic Account of Affairs and Migration

by Marco Polio

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Originally intended to be released by the now defunct Sunny Side Under records, this is a batch of songs written during my transition between Syracuse and Plattsburgh, and committed to tape shortly after settling in for my first north country winter.


released January 5, 2012

On this release Marco Polio is:
Matt Hall: Words, vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar on I am/am I
Peter House: Bass, electric guitar, keys
Sam Egan: Drums
Sean Godreau: Bass on I am/am I
Christina Nori: Vocals

Recorded mostly during the winter of 2010/2011, in my apartment in downtown Plattsburgh, except for I am/am I, which was recorded in the basement of 56 Elm.




Marco Polio Plattsburgh, New York

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Track Name: Blood and Bone
Can't we be animals just one night?
I wanna know you blood and bone.
Take a few hours just to hold me in the cold.

Mama Bear, I am coming home. I put my hands where they shouldn't go.
And I'll be he thought he was the last to know.
Blood and bone, blood and bone.

Sleeping narrow, sucking out the marrow, make me feel like a poison arrow.
I thought that we were on the straight and narrow, but it wasn't so.

You don't need to put yourself inside me, just stay near me till the devils subside.
We just needed some way to feel in touch with anything- give each other warmth, see what the morning brings besides blood and bone, blood and bone.

Blood and bones, tears and moans, things we both agreed we couldn't handle on our own.
Tall grass, late summer. It looks like the fates, they finally pulled our numbers.
We're all blood and bone, blood and bone.
Track Name: Florida Death Song
Hold your ear to the tracks, lay down, then lose your nerve again.
Think about it at least once a day.
There is nothing that anyone can say.

Maybe make a phone call, definitely wander some more in the dark.
Find rest in a place you don't know, hear the next train pass, hear the stray dogs bark.

Stumble back home before daybreak.
No one else needs to know where you've been.
You try to find solace in the small things, just find discomfort in the end.
Track Name: I am/am I
Last night in town, something wicked is coming down
over you
but you won't say what
and you won't say who,
but I know you.
I've known you for a long time now.
We go down, down, down.
Ticking minutes, counting years, watching clouds roll over the moon. Roll over to not find you, I am alone.
Am I alone?
I am alone. Am I alone?
I am alone, am I alone?
I am alone.
Am I alone?
Track Name: Breeze Song
Why do you fight like your mother?
Why do you say one thing, then do another?
Why do you quit drinking every other week?
Why did you fall out of love with me?
Why did you bring me here?
Why did you tell me this?
Why didn't you tell me that other thing?
Were you afraid that I'd be pissed?

There's a cool and gentle breeze, and I am out here in the grass, just letting more time pass.

Headed back home for the night, figured the change of scenery would do me right.
I sat and watched cable TV. What the hell is wrong with me?

I know I can't control nature. I know there is something waiting for me up there in the trees.
Only take the fruit that gives easy, try to never take more than you need, and there's a cool and gentle breeze, and I am out here in the grass, just letting more time pass.
Track Name: Winter Crush Song #6
Today I saw a photograph that captured you just how I remember: dreamy, cloudy, hazy, climbing out a window, back porch, nobody knows.
And I've got so much love in the pit of my stomach, and so much lust everywhere else, and I can't tell another living soul, or they'll send us both to hell.

Well everyone is screaming now, it's summer, you can smell it in the streets.
Ladies exchange disapproving glances over other ladies just trying to deal with the heat.
And there's a girl downtown who tells it all to me with just the features on her face, and there's a thousand more just like her wanting nothing more than just to get out of this place.
We spent our last six dollars on beers, and I'd really love to see you dear, but I am leaving this city for good.
Track Name: Leaving Song #2
I am warm as the wind will allow, I am here in our house with the lights turned down just thinking all about all that I am, and all I've ever been.
And you, you brought me food when all I could do was cry and starve, an infant at twenty two.
That's too long.
So can't you see? The only way for me to ever learn now how to live is just to leave, and so I'm gone.

I am sorry for the things that I broke, all the cups and hearts and plates and light bulbs and jokes.
And most days I just want to smoke, and rot myself away.
Most nights I don't get to bed till they turn back into days, and so I'll go.

Who am I to survive in a time and place when everybody else just seems to want to die?
And I just can't maintain, but beyond that there are just so many other reasons I can't stay, and so I'm gone.
Track Name: Body, Meet Mind
And I thought to myself, "I won't miss her at all, I hardly even know now how she feels".
But fingertips retain everything, we've got no chance of a deal.
Body, meet mind, meet fire, meet knives.
Is that you coming up my back step?
Is that you back in my life?
Is that this house settling, or is that steel against my neck? I'm a few cards short of a deck.

Is that infatuation or obsession? Or maybe just compulsion?
Impulse, or repulsion?
Will you stay with me tonight, make sure I'm doing things right? Will you make sure I'm doing alright?
Alright? Alright.
Alright? Alright.
I'm not saying I need supervision every fucking night, but if you would come around me, I think that would be alright. I'm giving up on the fight.
I'm giving up on flight, I'm trading in this life.
Track Name: Winter Crush Song #7
Saw you dressed real nicely, walking down Allen Street.
Practically weightless, impractical shoes.
Saw the necks crane in their new cars as you walked by, saw a hidden message in the papers, in the headlines. It spelled certain doom.

And I know what's going on here, you don't have to say anything at all.
I know you're hellbent on convenience and destruction, I know just what you want to do.
And I will let it happen.
I will gather what's good here, while you rise to fall, rise to fall.
Kill them all.