Syracuse Songs

by Marco Polio

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Eight songs and poems about living in the city.


released March 1, 2009

On this release Marco Polio is:
Matt Hall: Acoustic guitar, words, vocals, drums, Casio, noise, artwork
Chris Ostuni: Bass, electric guitar, words + voice for (untitled)
Mike Paetow: Words + voice for Nine
Sara Cilantro: Vocals




Marco Polio Plattsburgh, New York

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Track Name: Bus Song #1
Today is my day to get shitfaced.
I have every right to.
I don't really get drunk all that often, but today I told her I was going to.
And I made my way downtown, rum for breakfast and ashes for a house.
Gossiping strangers on the bus, men on the street corner shouting about Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ, could you all shut up for just a minute?
It's hard to get my head on straight with so many voices in it.
Track Name: Bus Song #3
The motor bucks and coughs up Salina, most of the snow is brown or grey.
Big brick buildings, trees evenly spaced.
What used to grow wild here is reduced to a garnish, there are no roots in concrete, nothing to harm us.

Back on the bus, you lean over and catch your breath.
You're safe now, you're safe now, now.
Now didn't I tell you before?
Don't stand in front of the door.
Can't you see what all of those warning signs are for?

Your body on the pavement black and blue.
Red, brown and yellow too.
Your body on the pavement dead and cold, when she met you you were one day old.
Track Name: Bus Song #2
The fumes simmer the world like a mirage and your,
your figure in the distance starts to, starts to take my conscience on.
And as your face comes toward me I can,
I can see your features forming.
I can, I can hear my organs pumping, I can feel my blood warming.

You try to move me, I will not go.
You don't have to say anything, I just know.
It just snowed, it's cold outside.
When I, when I think about the thing we've done it hurts inside.
Track Name: New Sights
And you, you better get out of here while you can.
You better get out of here while you can, because when that first snow falls, you're not going to eat at all.
Your bones will emerge from your face and chest, and you will know death.
You will know death.
You will know death.
So you, you better get out of here while you can.
You better get out of here while you damn well can.
You better get out of here while you can, because I won't be there to untie your hands.