Wireless Internet Radiation Poisoning

by Marco Polio

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Wireless Internet Radiation Poisoning or, Healing and Cleansing in the age of Anxiety

Industrial civilization and many modern conveniences can only exist through perpetual violence against indigenous and rape of natural resources.

What are we going to do about that?
What are you going to do about that?

(originally released by Sunny Side Under records)


released May 12, 2011

On this release Marco Polio is:
Matt Hall: Words, vocals, acoustic guitar, noise, artwork
Peter House: Electric guitar, bass, keys, words, vocals
Shannon Stott: Violin
Sarah Mundy: Vocals
Christina Nori: Vocals
Christopher Rigsbee: Vocals

Recorded Winter/Spring 2011 in my apartment in downtown Plattsburgh.

Everyone else involved in this album is involved in other creative projects, past and present. Seek them out: Maps of Cartographers, Hello! November, Letters, Peter House, Adrian Aardvark, Sarah Mundy, Bike to the Future




Marco Polio Plattsburgh, New York

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Track Name: Cleansing Song
Looks like we've dropped a fragile thing again
Dropped it so many times, I doubt that it will mend
Because the phone calls stop, miles increase
and I can't stand to stare at your words on computer screens
I don't know what they mean
they're just another manufactured need
and they're all things that I can't pay attention to anymore
They're all just things that I can't pay attention to anymore
I know just what your fickle heart has got in store
and it's all things that I can't pay attention to anymore, anymore
I used to try and put you up on a pedestal
I swear to god that nothing hurt,
nothing made me feel as low as
when I wouldn't live up to your standards
But lately I've been thinking your opinion doesn't matter
It's just a thing that I can't pay attention to anymore
it's just a thing that I can't pay attention to anymore
I am giving up on the hurt I held onto before
because they're all things that I can't pay attention to anymore, anymore
Track Name: Level The Devil
"What's wrong with you?
Even your good times are bad times
and your great times are 'just okay'
don't you know how to have fun?"
What's wrong with me?
There are no clean bodies of water amongst the rivers and seas
and I am not comfortable where I stand, here on stolen land
It's not that I am upset all of the time
there's just a lot on my mind
And it's not that I want to drown myself
in confusion, depression, anger or doubt
I'm simply trying to figure out
how to live life and level the devil
level the devil
level the devil
Track Name: Deciever Song
The devil has been calling your name since the day you gave it to him
But you may not remember
he was wearing different skin
a different face, different clothes
He looked just like one of those business men
the kind who try to be your cool friend
But I swear I saw him shapeshift something fierce
He had his hands deep in my pockets and a forked tongue in my ear
Track Name: Ragdoll Cat Song
They say you don't feel pain-
someone took your instincts away
I guess you don't feel much of anything these days
Don't you know something is coming?
Don't you know the earth is going to spit you out?
Don't you know that your way of life, it can't sustain you?
Bathe in radiation
bathe in ignorance
bathe in media, television, internet bullshit
Don't you know that stuff will kill you?
Don't you know that stuff is going to kill us all?
I was down there at the bottom of it too
I've been digging my way out ever since
Track Name: River Song #3
The Saranac River had been calling my name
but I drowned it out with the sounds of the bus
and I thought about you in that downtown apartment
so far from the water, so far from the north
And I made my way down to your city
Cold and snow covered, dragging my feet
and I saw you through the window of the cafe
wiping lipstick from your teeth
and I felt the wind change direction
felt those same teeth sink back into my skin
I heard the cars like a choir in the cold air and I let your power in
Had you on the forefront of my mind
but the river wasn't far behind
I watched as you gathered your coat
thought about a dead man's float
and you looked right through me as you headed for your car
and I realized
that I don't know who you are
Track Name: River Song #4
Caught wind that you had left the last place that you fled to
Headed home again, again
so again I want to beg you
for contact, blessed contact
to ease my weary mind
It's hard to break my bond to you
though you've left me far behind
Have you stopped scheming?
Have you given up the plan?
Because the air is still full of poison and the rivers are still dammed
And down by the bus stop
you wait, you wait so patiently
and everything runs right on schedule
and nothing is how it's supposed to be
Once we prayed for chaos-
an end to the order placed on us
But I don't know where anyone stands now that these days are upon us
Have you stopped scheming?
Have you given up the plan?
Because the air is still full of poison and the rivers are still dammed