Amnesiac Liar

by Marco Polio

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On the day of judgement, God will surely scold us in these terms: "Since you saw that on earth all is vicious and criminal, why did you lose yourselves on the road of virtue? The perpetual disasters which I, God, have imposed upon the universe, how could they fail to convince you that I love only disorder? Every day I supplied you with examples of destruction, so why did you not destroy? Imbeciles! Why did you not imitate me?"

- Salò, 1975


released January 31, 2014

On this release Marco Polio is:
Matt Hall: Acoustic guitar, vocals, lyrics, keys, engineering
Sam Egan: Keys, vocals, mixing
Justin Passino: Electric guitar, vocals
Sarah Mundy: Vocals
Kimberly LeClaire: Drum
Shannon Stott: Violin
Peter House: Electric guitar, banjo

Recorded mostly at 28 City Hall Place #5, and then finished up over at 28 City Hall Place #4



all rights reserved


Marco Polio Plattsburgh, New York

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Track Name: Moon Song
The moon looked good and strong today, it matched the colors of the clouds against a blue May sky.
But there were buildings so tall that from time to time you could barely even see it.
And the machines were so loud in the streets, and the machines in the buildings just gave off so much heat that I threw my hands up, I didn't know what else to do. The moon was looking down at me and I was looking up at the moon, at the moon, at the moon.
And you said, "hey, isn't it great that it's mid-afternoon and we can look up at the sky and still see the moon?"
And I said, "yeah, yeah it's great that it's mid-afternoon and we can look up at the sky and still see the moon".
And then you tried to wrap your arm around mine, and I consented just for a short time.
But then I made up some excuse to go and break our embrace, and I could read the resentment all over your face.
Oh your face, oh your face.
Track Name: Falling Song #2
I am coming to your house, I am walking down the street.
I am standing in your doorway, I am coming up the stairs.
I am walking down the hallway, I am opening the door, I am looking at the floor, I am at looking at the...
I am standing in the doorway, I am yelling at you now.
I am walking down the hall, I am going down the stairs, I am falling down the stairwell, I am hurting all my teeth.
I am looking at the ceiling, I am looking at the...
Track Name: Untitled B Minor Song
Downed power lines by the side of the highway.
I am riding home to you with a secret in my mouth and an aching in my body from a feeling I'd forgotten, and there's something in my mind I can't hold onto for much longer...
Saw a hawk circling up above me, wild rabbits in the fields, foraging for dewy greens.
And the sounds of the highway harmonize with all the insects, and the melody they make is a sick and bitter grey.

And he said, "Your magic is cheap and ineffectual.
Your magic is like pearls before swine.
Your magic, it is trite and useless.
Your magic, it will cower before mine."
Track Name: Longing
Who will you call upon? Who will protect you from the wind?
It was nice to miss you, to just daydream about what it was like to kiss you.
Now I'm longing for that sense of longing.
When you were gone, I'd lay around with all my clothes on, and I'd roll my cuffs up the way you'd roll your cuffs up.
Somehow, pretending I was you became one of my very favorite things to do, and now I'm longing for that sense of longing.
I am longing to feel uncertainty again.
I had a sure thing, and it was reassuring.
But we are problem solvers, and when we can't be problem solvers, we are problem makers.
When we can't be problem solvers, we are problem makers.
Now I'm longing, for that sense of longing.
I am longing to feel uncertainty again.
Track Name: Untitled A Song
I never knew why you did all those things you used to do.
Altering reality, almost religiously.
I understand now, now I understand.
I wake up late, go to work.
Not much else.
I understand now, now I understand.
I understand now, now I understand your heartache.
You always said that you saw ghosts.
She said I was the devil, now I see ghosts too.
I understand now, now I understand.
I understand now, now I understand.
Track Name: Colors Song
I saw colors that you would have loved to have seen, subtle yellows, unfathomable greens.
I saw nature rear it's honest head, through the rising of the numbers of the dying and dead.
Clutching your phone while you're crying in your car, clutching your phone while you pick yourself up from the sidewalk. There is a certain something wrong, but we can't say what. There is a certain something wrong, but we won't say what.
But there is a certain feeling in your stomach, and there's a certain aching all over your jaw.
And there is something sick where you used to find comfort, and there is something new and all too familiar.
And when the oxygen hits, it's red, it's a brilliant red.
Don't let it go to your head.
Track Name: Nostalgic Death Song
Remember how it used to be?
Well it's not like that anymore.
And remember who we used to be?
Well those people are long, long gone, and they're not coming back.
Sing a nostalgic chorus, and get off track.
Because the time to live, it lies right before you, but you romanticize the past to piss your future away. And then the present moment becomes some weird abstraction, and by the time you appreciate it, it's gone anyway, and it's not coming back.
And all the youthful songs you sing, and the stories you love to tell, will keep you forever young in your own repetitious hell.
And the world will keep on going, change is ever present, whether or not you wish to know it.
Track Name: Winter Crush Song #8
When I heard the news, I didn't know what to say.
All the possibilites running through my head, I had thought of this day once before, or maybe twice.
Or maybe I had played it out one thousand times inside my mind.
But now that I'm faced with it, I can't do anything at all.
And I thought of us last winter... or was it the winter before last?
I thought about your hands running up and down my body, thought about the questions that you asked.
Like, "can you really see us together", and, "could you promise not to tell?"
Never got a response to any of those letters, I suppose it's just as well.