Ushering in a new age of Hypochondriacs

by Marco Polio

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My first offering to the internet.


released August 22, 2010

On this release Marco Polio is:
Matt Hall: Casios, bass, bending, guitar, artwork, vocals and words
Mikhail Basho: Guitar on Saint Song #3
Sara Cilantro: Bottles, vocals + words for second verse of Winter Crush Song #1
Angela Conte: Bottles, voice on Paranoia Song #1
also, a bunch of people who left voicemails.

Recorded in my room at Castle Rockmoore, fall 2009 to summer 2010.




Marco Polio Plattsburgh, New York

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Track Name: Paranoia Song #1
How do you spend your hours between the twenty four hours I get to see every three weeks?
Every three weeks, I see you for day. And it's okay, but sometimes it's hard.
Sometimes it gets hard.

Wake up, wake up. Make a small meal.
Smoke a bowl, sit around and feel cold. I haven't been eating lately, I can't remember to drink water.
Sometimes I still look outside and try to make sense of the slaughter.
I ignore phone calls, ignore my body when it's screaming at me.
Feed the cats, try to work on feeling happy.
Track Name: Winter Crush Song #4
We can lay in this bed, drink some wine, rest our heads.
And we can touch, just not too much. And maybe we can share some secrets, our hidden parts and where we keep them.
Let's just try and keep it clean.

When everything had gone and died, you stood in the garden with your arms at your side.
And I set my gaze upon the plot that was behind you, and the wind whispered something about how the "truth will find you".
And then the wind made its way underneath our clothing, and compelled us to walk so our bodies would stay warm, yeah.
We've got bad desires all around our brains.
Track Name: Saint Song #3
I am the thief in the night, I am the feeling that something's not right.
I am winter air, stealing breath. I am the freezing moon, I am creeping death.
I will take away everything that you love. I will take away everyone that you love.

Saturday brings thoughts of Monday, you've got so much work to do.
You've got so many little problems, I will take care of a few.
You saw me once before, told you not to open that door. Saw me on the bed, saw your greatest fears all spread...

I will take away everything that you love, I will take away everyone that you love.
Track Name: (untitled)
This is not a call to arms, this is not progress. We've progressed to what?
To being able to look at a picture of anyone or anything anytime we want?
This is not the real world, this is not life. This is not everything.
Although sometimes it may look like everything...
Do you know what this is? It's the illusion of the entire world at our goddamn fickle fingertips.

And I know I cannot stop the tides of technology.
But I will stand at the crossroads of reason while a money hungry society pushes itself further into slow moving suicide.
Multicultural suicide, slow moving multilateral suicide, economic suicide, emotional suicide.
A million fucking little distractions placed there to move attention away from secret wars and genocides.
Track Name: Winter Crush Song
Rock salt keeps the windows frosted, and there was something there, but now I've gone and lost it.
Two weeks, trade up for warmer weather, and the whole world breaks once I read your letter.
They say tomorrow the rain is gonna freeze, but where you are it's still fifty degrees.
And there's trouble on my brain again: poor choices, new life, we're all living in sin.
We toe the line between commitment and desire, and if I said I didn't want to cross, I'd be a liar.
Storm clouds gather where you are, states away, but your memory's never far.
And I want you so bad, but that doesn't change anything.

If you really like me, we won't have to fuck.
We can do some talking, we can treat each other kindly.
Everyone you love melts away when you turn the heat up, but there's a cool love too.
There's a cool love too.