Making and Losing Friends Under the Watchful Eye of God

by Marco Polio

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Two years later… available as a pay-what-you-want download, with a very limited number of physical copies available for a $3 to $10 dollar contribution, get in touch with me via post or e-mail if you want one. Physical copies are blue cassette tapes, each copy adorned with individual unique handmade art.


Matt Hall
28 City Hall Place
Apt. 5
Plattsburgh, NY


released June 11, 2012

On this release Marco Polio is:
Matt Hall: Words, vocals, acoustic guitar, drums on Saint Song #1 and Saint Song #4, electric guitar on Bus Song #7 and New Spring Song
Peter House: Electric guitar, organs
Sam Egan: Bass on Spider Song, Saint Song #2 and New Spring Song, drums on Paranoia Song #2, Bus Song #7 and New Spring Song
Sarah Mundy: Vocals on Saint Song #2
Shannon Stott: Violin, cello on Paranoia Song #3
Sean Godreau: Bass on Paranoia Song #2
Olivia Benware: Horns on New Spring Song
Sandra Seminara: Artwork

Recording began during June of 2010 in the living room of Castle Rockmoore in Syracuse, New York, and ended during early 2012 in the practice space beneath Olive Ridley's in Plattsburgh, New York. Somewhere in between those dates some tracks were recorded in the living room and kitchen of apartment number 5 at 28 City Hall Place in Plattsburgh, New York, and quite possibly a few places we have forgotten about.
Bus Song #7 was recorded live onto a cell phone by Michael Paetow at a house show in Syracuse, New York.




Marco Polio Plattsburgh, New York

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Track Name: Spider Song
There are things that you "don't want to talk about right now".
And there are stories that you are yet to make up.
And there are spiders, oh spiders, crawling in my mouth at night.
And there are boughs breaking all around.

And in the dead of night I sense them coming.
Feel their legs making my bed their home.
And when I see them on their strings, speaking air currents or more fleeting things, I have a feeling they'll seek the warmth of my mouth.
And I will swallow you in my sleep.
I will lap up all your babies with my tongue.
And I will swallow you, there's a not a damn thing we can do to escape what's going to come.
Track Name: Paranoia Song #2
You look real cute in the picture that you sent me.
You damn near break my heart with the pictures that you send me, and then I think of a time from a long time ago, and then I get all misty eyed and then it's time to go.
I'm hitting rough times, you know.
Then the wind picks up and it's really time to go.

Been gone a while, bet you're getting real far.
Your hair has gotten longer, and lately the stars seem to spell out messages about where you've been, but I've been feeling weird, can't tell who's really my friend.
Disaster is just around the bend, I'll try to take it easy till then.

And I suspect everyone of everything, and I'm getting pretty good with the knife.
And I suspect that this could finally be the tide to pull me under.
Track Name: Paranoia Song #3
There's a car going by.
There's another car going by.
There's a car going by.
I convince myself each time that it's gonna carry you to me.
It's gonna carry you to me.
It's gonna doom me.
Can't convince myself this time that the situation is fine.
There's a warm wind blowing in and I don't quite know where you've been.
The sound of tires rises up.
My lip tremble on the cup of cold water.
I'm in a cold sweat.
Hot summer, vicious sex.
There's a car going by.
Track Name: Leaving Song
Everyone is gone.
Everyone is gone.
Everyone you know is gone, presumed to be dead.

Everything you own is packed up at the curb.
Everything you own is packed up at the curb.
And someone will take it away, they'll take all your things away.

That's a risky move.
That's a risky move.
It seems kinda sketchy to me, but if that's the way that it's going to be, then so be it.
We tried to keep you here and safe, but you pushed us all away, so be it.
So be it, so be it, amen.
Track Name: Saint Song #1
You're mostly sleeping in your car.
You've got ideas you never take too far.
Lately you've been experimenting with water colors, you think they look real nice.
Another sordid affair, maybe take another inch off of your hair.
And you wish he never left you there, with the house, and the kids and the piles of shit that just drive you insane.
And all God's love came down on you today.
For the Lord giveth, and taketh away.

Thinking about trying school for the fourth time now.
But the piles of debt, they kinda weigh you down.
And your car is shitting out again, and the pain in your temples isn't going away.
And it'll be winter soon, so you put up plastic on the windows in your room, lay down, and think all about how nothing is ever the same anymore.
Not since all God's love came down on you today.
For the Lord giveth, and taketh away.
Track Name: Saint Song #4
When my savior comes I will be ready.
Humble and meek, I will stand wide eyed before them.
And I will offer up myself to their divine graces.
See their faces, hold it back.
You're not fooling anyone acting like that.

She's gonna come, I just know it.
I wrote of her long ago.
Walking around out there, completely unaware.
Take my burden where you go.
I see the light suffocating everything in sight, and the only sound now to me is your voice.
I feel the heat, cupping hands around both my ears, drowning out my only choice.
Track Name: Saint Song #2
Feel anxious at the walk-in clinic, feel worse at the bus stop.
Feel irritable on the short ride home, take it out on someone.
New foes to face, new precautions to take.
You feel sick all the goddamn time, because you are.
You are blessed and rightfully favored.
You are blessed and anointed in his eyes.
You are blessed, you are blessed, expect nothing but the best from the coming tides.

Come home that evening, and nothing is right.
So you fuck around online, from seven until midnight.
Then you try to find rest, slowly undress, and then sweat it out until morning.
Feel no better when you wake up.
This is so fucked up.
But I am blessed and rightfully favored.
I am blessed and anointed in his eyes.
I am blessed, I am blessed, I expect nothing but the best from the coming tides.
Track Name: Bus Song #7
Saw the body of a bird today, he was face down, it was "gagging day".
"A-Shack", "Brick Town".
They ripped all the payphones out, there's only room for cellphones now.
Don't forget it when you leave the house.

There are devils all inside your head, you got onto the bus, had an outburst again.
Bullet holes in the window of the bus, do your best to keep quiet, keep out of a fuss, you got onto the bus, had an outburst again, you got onto the bus, had an outburst again.

And when you're thinking about saving the world, is it for yourself or for somebody else?
And when you're talking about saving the world, is it from yourself or from somebody else?
Is it from yourself or from somebody else?
I got onto the bus, had an outburst again.
I got onto the bus, had an outburst again.
Track Name: New Spring Song
I am eating as much raw garlic as I can stomach, I am drinking water at the first signs of thirst.
I am making feeble attempts to maintain this vessel, for what it's worth.
And for what it's worth, I'm sorry about all the hurt, but if the weather is any indication of things to come, we'll be better soon.

The wind skipping leaves across the ground, the sound of water running all around.
Snow is melting off the ground, and the roofs of the houses and the cars, and the bottoms of boots.
And you'll be here soon, two weeks to the day that spring starts then you're back on the move.
And I want to ask you to slow down, but you can't slow down. I want to ask you to slow down for me, but you can't do that, we're well past the point where you still hold my hand, and now the seasons will teach me stand on my own.